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Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide people with the knowledge and tools to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Fitness is a mentality, more than an idea or fleeting thought.  Like many things in life, it’s easier said than done.  If fitness were easy, it wouldn’t be a defining line in society.  There is no secret to getting fit; like anything worthwhile in life, fitness requires time, dedication, and hard work

The time factor means getting to the gym, even when your schedule doesn’t accommodate, and using your time wisely to maximize your workout efficiency.  Dedication means finding your motivation, even on the laziest of days, and pushing yourself that much harder.  Hard work is trying to better yourself every day – striving for one more rep, inch, or second than you did the day before. 

‘Lifeproof’ is a powerful sentiment – walk a path of life that you are consistently attacking head on with strength, confidence, and poise.  To be Lifeproof means something different to each person.  When Lifeproof is applied to health and fitness, anything is possible; the mind believes and the body follows.


Our trademark – the woven lines – has multiple meanings.  The first thing people see is the infinity symbol.  We choose to apply this to fitness and the perpetual cycle of training, eating, sleeping while surrounding yourself in a positive environment. 

Additionally you can see the broken hourglass.  Similar to infinity, the broken hourglass represents the unconstrained time you devote to fitness.  The rate at which you progress is up to you. 

Lastly, if the lines are rotated 90o, it’s the mathematical symbol for proportion – which we equate to balance.  Fitness and health are the product of integrating all dimensions of life and focusing them at a singular goal.  The only way to achieve your goal is to properly balance all of the variables in the equation that makes you Lifeproof.    

Why We Do It

Lifeproof Fitness strives to aid & motivate you in the pursuit of achieving your fitness goals and building a permanently healthy, happy life.

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